Mario Orlando is a company that deals with production and sale of rental stages.

The company moved into the building sector in 1984. Since then, it has grown to become a market leader. The company manufactures their products in Italy. The products are of the highest quality and safe to use. Some of its clientele are sports organizations, performance and event agencies, and public entities.

Metal barriers for event organization

The company offers metal barriers, which are often used in events to keep supporters at a distance and also prevent entry to a particular section. Mario Orlando has two main types of metal barriers: Orlando barrier and Orlando anti-panic barrier. The Orlando barrier is mainly used to demarcate “no access” zones and during events that attract a large number of people like concerts and performances, sports events, and parades. They are essential in improving road security. Most clients prefer this metal barrier because of their visibility. Event organizers and security personnel use them as part of crowd management. It is interesting how the metal walls act as both physical and psychological barriers.

The Orlando barrier

anti panic and crowd control barriers

The Orlando barrier comes in 30-part units. Mono or double reflector plates are availed to clients upon request. Its design enables the customers to assemble it with a lot of ease and faster. It is also easily transported and stored because it has a stacking system which reduces its volume. The Orlando barrier is zinc-coated. Therefore, it does not suffer from rust and can last for a long time. The height of the barrier is customizable according to the customer’s wishes. However, the standard height offered by Mario Orlando is 110 centimeters. The barrier weighs 16 kilograms. Customers who request for the reflector plates may also ask the company to customize them with their logo.

Orlando anti-panic barrier

The Orlando anti-panic barrier differs from the Orlando barrier as it is used to protect the stage, audio mixers, and other event equipment from the crowd. They have a wheel, which enables the event organizers to readjust its position. The wheels also make their transportation easier. Orlando anti-panic barriers are impenetrable because they have steel grill lines and a height of 130 centimeters. Therefore, they also cannot be easily toppled over. They also have a double reinforced bar and an internal seat, which is used by the security guard. Customers may choose to buy either the angular anti-panic barrier or the anti-panic barrier with a door.