Stainless Bright Bars are hot rolled bars or wires that have been cold drawn then either ground or peeled to produce a smooth and bright surface. This process creates products that are superior in tolerance, surface finish and concentricity as well as design advantages and benefits.

Design Advantages of cold drawing and hot rolling

Cold drawing gives the steel more accurate dimensional tolerances while grinding narrows the tolerance range. It can be made available with different mechanical properties to suit a wide range of needs.

Bright Bars are available in almost any size desired while hot rolled wire rods are limited to specified sizes giving Bright Bars the advantage of higher machinability.

They also have increased yield and tensile strength resulting in greater dimensional accuracy while eliminating the need for further costly thermal treatments.

hot rolling process

Cold drawing produces better surface integrity while offering a wider range of surface finishes including ground with strain hardened polished, center less ground and polished, cold drawn and polished cold drawn, center less ground and polished cold drawn as well as superior mirror finish making it more suitable for finish components.

Bright Bars can also be made in a variety of shapes which would otherwise have to be made by machining, thereby reducing material wastage at the same time reducing costs.
By forming shapes using the cold drawing method the number of processes needed is reduced which saves in costs, space required for processing and lead time.
For those using continuous feed processes bright bar can be supplied in wire form.
Forming the shape using the cold drawn method gives it increased metallurgical integrity making this the preferred method for shape making.

Uses of bright bars

Bright Bars are ideal for any project where tolerances, surface condition, concentricity, and straightness are major factors or for various fabrication jobs that are dependent on accuracy. It is heavily used in such industries as railways for the production of engines and coaches and in heavy engineering industries as well as the textile industry for machine manufacturing. The automotive industry manufactures all engine components, shafts, nuts and bolts from special grades of Bright Bars.

It also has uses for application in areas such as machine tools, threaded bars, pump shafts, machined components, hinges, studs, valves, pins, handles, fasteners and bolts. As well as uses in applications in dairy equipment, surgical and medical parts, shafts for use in conveyors, pumps for electric motor industries, forging, and making various arms and ammunitions for various defense sectors.